Circular furniture…

Can someone explain how this circular furniture work?

image: 181014-circular-furniture-01-600.jpg


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Lucky find!

Here is a link to their ad it does a pretty good job of showing how it works .
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You pretty much stick type on the flat side and furniture/ quads on the stair steps.

I got this far with mine, and rmiller got me home.

image: circular_quads.jpg


Thanks an elliptical bunch. I never even thought of ellipses.

Thanks R Miller for those links! Very useful. I attach some pictures of furniture that I posses, enabling you to set texts under a fixed angle (30°, 45° or 60°) and of a ‘Pantone’ set, made by Deberny & Peignot in France, enabling you to turn text under any angle.

image: DSC04780.jpg


image: DSC04779.jpg


image: pangone.jpg


When the manual said tie your forme with cord it meant page cord not curtain cord. :-)

Hello Platenprinter, this is the standard pager cord as it’s being used in most German speaking countries. Two different thicknesses exist, thin: orange and thick: red. It’s a woven cord, much easier to use than the other cords. And it’s got a bit of stretch making it easier to tighten it! The red stuff is still available from some suppliers, the orange cord has disappeared from the market. Sadly enough all these manufacturers close down their businesses…