Replace a Kelsey 5x8 Roller Carriage

I am restoring a Kelsey 5x8 Model “P”. It is in great shape except for a broken Roller Carriage. I have a Model “U” Roller Carriage on the shelf so my question here is may I sub the “U” Carriage for the “P” Carriage? I’ve measured the “U” Carriage and I see no change by Kelsey from the “P” Carriage. Also my Kelsey Catalog mentions no changes. The only change was the old style “Saddle Carriage”.

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Functionally speaking, nearly many parts across the different modern models of the same size Kelsey press are interchangeable. The exceptions include, ink discs, pawls and levers. So if your “U” carriage has the ink disc pawl on the same side as the “P” you are good to go.
Best of luck with your restoration.

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Thank you, Tom @Ink Spot. I did not want to dismantle the press and have a pile of parts on my bench while I located a ink carriage. The ink pawl or dog matches perfectly in shape and size. The major project now is to punch out the shaft that the carriage rides on. Once the carriage is out I would like to have it welded or braised to keep it as a spare part. I think it was you who advised me that parts like this can be repaired?

To Ink Spot: Tom- I have a Craftsmen Imperial 5x8 in very nice condition - looks almost new - never used, however in going over it I found that the platen has a “slight” swivel in it. I thought about using heat treated washers to tighten it up a bit. Maybe even a rubber shim. Any comments? Meanwhile thank you for your advice on the Kelsey 5x8.

If I understand your Imperial platen comment correctly, the platen ought not to be loose if adjusted correctly (all four screws) and the center bolt is original in length. We have repaired more than a few broken platens due to the center threaded boss being cracked… most likely from cranking down the center bolt or tuning in the adjusting screws without loosening the center bolt. There needs to be a hardened washer under the head of the center bolt. Anyway, take a peek under the platen to see if the source of the problem can be found there.

Thanks for all your help on my project. The 5x8 Kelsey is almost finished! New Kelsey roller carriage is installed and I have added a new set of ink rollers from Todd and Stainless steel ink roller hooks from Adamspress. I also gave the press a new coat of paint. Thank you Ink Spot also. I have taken a few pics of the project for Briar Press members to see. But I’ll have to figure out how to send pics of this project