I always have interest about Ludlows and now I have the opportunity to buy one with four cabinetes of mats.
I never used one and before I get someone here who can help me to use it, can any one help me identifying this model or some advice? I send here some photos.
The machine isn’t used for about fifteen years. It belongs to a print shop who have keept the machine and other letterpress equipment, but the new owners never used them.

Thank you very Much

image: IMG_6486_.jpg


image: IMG_6481_.jpg


image: IMG_6478_.jpg


image: IMG_6475_.jpg


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It is a Model M, one of the later models made. One perennial problem with some of these is the refrigerating system used to cool the cooling water. Many folks have dumped the chiller and gone to a simple pump in a large tank of water, which works as well.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

This machine looks like it has a lot of life left in it. A good serving should bring the machine back to life.

It looks like it probably has most if not all the parts and accessories you need, including the all-important tool to clean out the pump cylinder.

Where are you located? Perhaps someone on this site is close to you and can help, if you decide to get it.

Thank you very much for your answers.
Well, I’m in Portugal, if some one is around…

Oh my goodness. I am working on a project restoring an old hand press in Portugal, and I want to set up the metal type for a poster/descriptive label about the press, in Ludlow type, so that the type could be displayed on the bed of the press as though the press was used to print the poster. If you get this Ludlow and you are South of Bragança, I want to talk! You can contact me through BP. And I ran a Ludlow many years ago, so I might be able to help you set it up, too.