The Future of Kort

We have had a remarkable success story with Kort Gage Pins. We sold several thousand over the past several years. But Butch Kort is in his eighties and suffered a heart attack during the same time period that I was in the fog of my stroke. His machine shop is in his basement and his doctor has placed the basement off limits for any reason. Butch is out of business and is looking for a serious taker for his business. It would be a nice sideline for someone who is a clean and capable machinist. Butch spent his career as a machinist in a paper mill.

And maybe if I am physically able, I will rehabilitate the stamping presses in my possession that formed the core of the Mcgill gage pin operation, complete with dies. The how and why of that one is long.

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Where is Butch located?

Absolutely delighted to hear your voice again Fritz, we all know of you over here in the UK. However I never could get on with guage pins, and always use lay quads, ruling up the packing dead correct first. Sorry about that.
Warmest regards

Very happy to have you back, Fritz.
I sincerely hope someone steps up to the challenge of buying Butch’s shop and continues this great product.

I would also like to know where Butch is located. I have machining experience and the space.

Go for it Michael!

I’m very happy too, Fritz, to see you post here again. All the best to you, and for your continued health.