Scoring Rule & Matrix

Hi everyone. I am looking for advice on what scoring matrix to order.

I print on an 8 x 10 C&P. I will be scoring greeting cards on French Paper Co’s 100# cover paper. I need new rules but can’t remember if I ordered the .9 or .895 sized ones (will measure later tonight). I also have several different matrix colors now, but was never really sure what was recommended for that paper. Any thoughts? Thank you!!

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Here is a link that I use to help with the issue you are having:

Good Luck,

You will prob end in the realm of 3-10; 3-12; 4-10;4-12 maybe wider depending on paper grain and moisture…. CREASING has some weird stuff happen sometimes. It is good to have a selection. Experiment for now. TAKE NOTES! write down on, and keep some of the successful sample sheets, the details, to rely on later. You will get an eye for what is needed.

Thank you both! jfitz, I ended up calling Shreiner and talked to a guy named Justin for a long while- SUPER nice guy and extremely helpful!!! Took LOTS of notes. Never heard of that company and I’m up in Cleveland so only about an hour and a half away. Even better, their shipping is only one day to me :) So thanks again for the tip! This community is awesome.

i am “Up” in Milwaukee,, further up than cleveland… lol.