Skillshare Class: Getting Started with Letterpress Printing

Hi there, fellow printmakers!

My name is Hope and I’m an illustrator, letterpress printer, and gumbo of creative spirits (aren’t we all).

I’m a Skillshare teacher and SUPER excited to finally launch my new class: Getting Started with Letterpress Printing.

…because in about 2 hours, it explains so many things that it took me about 6+ years to learn.

-different press types
-outfitting your shop
-prepping plate artwork
-setting up your plates and press
-ALL the demos
-and some happy trial and error moments

It’s a very “over the shoulder” glimpse into my studio and the set up of letterpress printing.

Since I’ve relied on Briar Press for years (and talk about BP in the course and as a reference), I thought I’d post this quick note about the class for those getting started in the letterpress world. :)

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image: Getting Started with Letterpress Printing

Getting Started with Letterpress Printing

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Hope, love your energy. You make a few mistakes that are not good for trying to inform new students about letterpress. I do not want to point these out at this time but would be willing to on a different format.
Looking forward to seeing what you have on plate making.