C&P 8x12 Motor

Hi All,

I’m new to posting on this forum, but have been reading/learning from it for years. Thank you everyone. I finally have a question I can’t seem to find the answer to.

I recently purchased a C&P 8x12 and am looking to motorize it. I found this thread (http://www.briarpress.org/20942) which was very helpful, but wanted to find out one more thing before I make my purchase.

Does anyone know the input shaft speed necessary for 2600 iph?

Or rather, what is the input shaft ratio to one full impression on my press?

Thank you kindly for your input!



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what are you going to do at 2600 iph? That is really fast… These old presses are not sewing machines

You need a variable speed motor. Under the best circumstances, 2600 iph on a 8x12 is fairly fast for even an experienced operator. For most work, you’ll want a slower speed.


Hey Eric and Nickel Plate,

Thanks. Okay, so what is the IPH for one of these presses? I read that on a prior post, perhaps it was wrong. What I’m really trying to calculate is: What the input shaft ratio to one full impression on my press? In other words, how many revolutions of the motor shaft are to one full print revolution on the press?

That info would be super helpful if anyone knows! Thank you :)


count the teeth of you drive shaft gear and then 1/4 round of the press main shaft gear. tell us those numbers, or full around main gear.either way, we can determine the final gear ratio.
you prob want to hand feed no faster than 600 iph.
faster than that it is up to you.