Na Graphics contact, help :)

Hello everyone, I’m Lula writing from Buenos Aires.

I’m trying to buy some inks at NA Graphics , I already placed an order but I did not have an answer. I know they have had a difficult time this year and have asked the people on their website to be patient with the orders. But I have a friend who travels to CA in August and I want to send this package to her address in Los Angeles. She will be only for two days there.

I tried to call Fritz using Skype, but I couldn´t hear the man talking and maybe my English is not so good. He told me to send another email and I did, but I still do not have an answer.

I just want to make sure that the package will be delivered on time and that they received my emails with some specifications. It is almost the only chance that I have to bring these inks to Argentina, since it is not easy to make international purchases (successfully).

Any idea of ​​how I can get in touch and have an answer from them? I do not want to bother them, but I need to know in advance if I have to buy elsewhere.

Thanks :)

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I don’t have any advice about NA Graphics but I have had good luck with Southern Inks ( He is responsive and quick with packages and the ink is good! So perhaps he might be an answer for you.

Other options for you:

Gans Ink has an Anaheim, California location:

Cranfield Inks at Dick Blick:

Southern Ink (mentioned above).


Great info! thank you so much everyone!

I’m here and we are waiting for a delivery of some of the inks that were ordered. She also asked for a material data sheet for the inks. We are restocking things that were sold out during my 8 month stay in the hospital and it has taken some time. Fritz, NA Graphics

Hi! thank you!!

I read about your recovery process, so I did not want to bother you. Just wanted to make sure that the contact information was correct and that it had not changed.

Thanks for your answer here and my e-malis!