What type or size of type should I look for?

Hello, I just bought a Kelsey 3x5 table press. What type/size of lead type should I look for and where’s the best place to purchase? I’m in Dallas and have looked on Craigslist and FB marketplace and ebay. Thank you! Ashley

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Ashley, here in the U.K. and generally we would advise tiny fonts of both Serif and Sans Serif faces in the order of 10 Point through to 36 Point for starters.

The main reason(s) being that a machine that size will/can cope with image matter - Type, Plates, Blocks, etc., up to (usually considered), 60-65% of the total impressional strength of the M/C.
Starter kits for our Table top Adana,s usually included for example, 8/10/12 &18 Pt Times New Roman, and 12/18 and 24 Pt. Gill Sans 262 and 18 and 24 Pt. Gill Sans Bold 275.

Gave a good cross section, for the learning curve printing the finer down strokes and Serifs and the bolder strokes of the Sans Serif,s
The suggestion might be (before making too many false starts and expensive, to boot)) source a few small fonts, work out which path to follow and then up-grade.

Possibly Letter headings, with fancy script type. and R.S.V.P. riders etc. - FOR SALE, cards flyers, with bold Type, - NO JUNK MAIL for the letterbox, etc. - Short Run Business Cards = even in the form of 1/3rd, x 2/3rd,s PANEL CARDS, usually when tiny Table Tops shine.

Hope the above has set the wheels in motion.

Welcome, & Good Luck. Mick. U.K.

^^^ The favourite gimmick from a long long time ago, was to have a simple line block made (zinco etc) in the form of a wall, printed in BLACK, as a business card for the Builder Boys, and then superimpose the details in RED with ROCKWELL Type face, on the Bricks.^^^

Sky Shipley is probably closest to you. Skyline type is in AZ, and he casts a wide variety of interesting stuff. https://skylinetype.com/

You’ll need more than just type though, also leads, slugs, furniture, ink, and a copy of Polk’s “Practice of Printing”. Amazon carries it, expect to pay $35-40 for a hardcover edition. Hope you have someone close by who can give you instruction/advice! Have fun!

Thank you!