Skeleton chase for Heidelberg 10x15 windmill

Hello, can someone tell me the difference between a regular chase and a skeleton chase (specifically the dimensions). Doing a little die cutting and suspect I might need a skeleton chase.


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The measurements I have are:
Standard Chase = 80p6 wide X 61p6 high
Skeleton Chase = 83p0 wide X 61p6 high
This is the area you have for your lockup.
Hope this helps.

Hello Jim,
Thanks so much. That confirms it - chase I have is a regular chase. Guess I’m on the lookout for a skeleton chase!

Thanks again Jim,

While you are looking to max your die-cutting capacity, note that the snap on die-cutting packets will limit you to a 9 3/4” width. Only the “factory style” plates “with lugs” can go full width.

Thanks Mike

I wanted to comment on this post. It is always a big help when the guys with the knowledge speak up. I never knew there were to different chase sizes. After trying for an hour or two to find a skeleton chase to buy I gave up. Also Mike great note about the die jacket, never knew about that one either. I also want to push my die cutting to the limit of size. I happen to look at my chases and discovered I have a couple of each size, just luck. I never knew there was any difference between them - go figure. all you smart guys out thanks for pulling the rest of us along with you. I will try not be an anchor and both listen and follow what you teach.

Mike, meant to mention, it’s the length where I need a wee bit more space. Thanks again for the comments to you and Jim AND ditto western4’s praise for your knowledge and help.

until you find one, why don’t you lay out your project onto a board that is the size of your chase. (outside dimensions) then you just drop the whole die in as if it were in a chase. Shims prevent movement and protect the wood. die board has more layers than regular plywood and is rather durable. in my beginning, i needed some chases quick, i had my die cutting die maker cut me some chases. they can still be used today, after prob 5 years.