Dave Seat Progress

I had a call this morning from Dave Seat just as he was to leave the hospital in Nashville. He underwent surgery to have a stent put in one of his heart arteries and it was successful. He will be home for some time before his doctor releases him and then he plans to resume his work of repairing our letterpress equipment.

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Thanks, for keeping us in the loop, Fritz. I’m also glad to see your recovery is progressing to the point that you’re keeping track of other folks recoveries!

Thanks for the Update,
This is such an answer to prayer.
Two recoveries Fritz, Dave and John B.
Praise God!

We should add John Barrett to that list of recently hospitalized individuals on their way to recovery, for which we are grateful.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

I am indeed grateful that the three of us are getting on with our lives. I am grateful to the letterpress community for supporting me in the climb back from a stroke that had my business partner getting ready to place me in long term care. But I had the desire to work, to be back in my office with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, and to be surrounded by all my treasures, or as some call it, my junk. I’m striving to get out of a wheel chair in the coming months. Aside from my local friends who have been most helpful, my letterpress friends, Dave Seat and Paul Moxon, have been extremely supportive.

Glad to get your update - you are the dean of letterpress community!

take care


Dean—hmmm. Don’t let it go to your head.