Rigger/experienced press mover—Roanoke, VA?

Hello all,

I’m looking for a rigger or experienced press-mover in the Roanoke, VA area. Please contact me off-list if you have recommendations. I’m looking to move a large Washington-style Hoe; this will involve disassembly.


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Rippeon, Bob Oldham does a good tutorial on how to safely move a Washington. He also used to live in that area. Best james

Perry Tymeson of Suitcase Press is based further north in NJ, but has helped me move a large Hoe press. He has a gantry for the disassembly and reassembly. You know this already, but DO NOT attempt to move it without taking it apart.


Thanks, James and Dan. I’ve been in touch with Bob, who has been an enormous help. I had a rigger who bid on the job, but has since resisted my instructions to disassemble. So I’m still looking for assistance, hence the post. I need at least a second/third set of hands and some of the larger equipment for the loading. (Taking bids is marginally cheaper than renting all the equipment myself, thus far.)


Andrew, when are you thinking to move the press? If the destination is a small or larger city, there is probably a tool rental shop that will have the hydraulic shop crane like that I used, and the 4-wheel furniture dollies as well, or buy them at Home Depot. I wish I could help in person, but I am pretty far away, and not as strong as when I was moving presses. I found that buying the equipment cost me less than paying a rigger, and I re-used the equipment several times. Unfortunately is is gone now.


Bob, trying to move the press as soon as possible. The current owner wants the space back before the weather turns, and seems less inclined to move things carefully. I’ve got a few additional leads for assistance with the move, but also some of your instructions in case bids come in too high or too late. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks,