Heidelberg ksba

Eric a Heidelberg ksba is a letterpress. Mine is an 18x23” cylinder and is relevant to our classified ads.

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Tried to put my Heidelberg KSBA on the classifieds but was told it is not letterpress related. Is this site only for proof and treadle presses?

Assuming the inking unit hasn’t been stripped off for die cutting, the KSBA is in one of the finest letterpress machines a person could hope to have.


My inking unit is intact and some of the rollers that have been recovered are still in the wrappers. I may have to advertise elsewhere if not allowed on this site.

These other KSBAs have been listed on Briar previously and the listings are still up. It could be that there was some confusion about your post.

It’s allowed. Some people you need to ignore.

Press is in Peterborough Ontario Canada. Will take a fair offer