Hammond Trim-O-Saw G4B

Howdy all.

I am trying to get a Hammond Trim-O-Saw operational. The motor starts but makes an awful noise. I do believe the noise may be coming from the two fan belts. I have uploaded a video of the saw running along with some stills. If anyone could offer some knowledge on this I would greatly appreciate your help.

1) Is there a way to adjust the tension on the motor to tighten the belts?
2) Are the saw blades universal across the Hammond saw models?



Thank you,


image: HammondSaw_G4B_MotorBoxPulley_8x10.jpg


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Sounds like a bearing to me. Take the belt off and see if it still makes the noise. If it does a bearing in the motor is bad. If it doesn’t a bearing on the shaft it drives is bad.

And then try it with the intended 2 drive belts, and 2 belts that are of the same make and age. Hammond made more than one model and use the right blade, and the correct blade for metal cutting if you are using it for metal. Good blades are not cheap.

Hi John —

1) I removed the belts and no noise from the motor

2) Adding either of the belts started the noise again

3) Are suggesting that in this case, a bearing on the shaft connected to the saw blade is suspect? Is that replaceable?

Hi Fritz!

Yes, likely on the shaft. Look for the points the shaft is spinning in and try some oil first. See if it improves. Most bearings are replaceable if necessary. McMaster Carr is one source.