NA Graphics Fritz?

Does anyone know if Fritz is doing alright? Is someone helping him place orders? Tried calling, but no one answers. I hope Fritz is okay!

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Everything I have ordered through the NA Graphics website has been shipped and in a timely fashion. Don’t expect Fritz to be sitting at his desk at NA as he used to- he has a difficult recovery ahead of him.

If you are in need of something not listed on the site, Paul Moxon can sometimes help too. He keeps some things in stock sourced directly from Fritz.

From the site:
“NA Graphics reopened on a limited basis in May of 2019.

We prefer that orders be placed through this web site rather than phone calls. Hand written notes with the wrong hand are sometimes hard to read, so help out your order—there is a place on the web site order form to write about special needs or questions.”


Yes, I understand Fritz is still recuperating and thank goodness, he seems to be getting better. I shall try the website again. Thank you.

Well I am sitting at my desk every day, although I ship only when I have help and that is usually 4 days a week. This week it was only 3 days because of the holiday. I have help in getting to and from work, and then there are some other folks in my building—a snow board manufacturer and a woodworker. My goal has been to rebuild inventory and get back to a quick response on most things. I appreciate the continued support as I slowly regain my physical abilities. Fritz

We are all rooting for you Fritz!

Fritz, I remember how much you helped us when we restored an old Gordon at UNT. That press is still running beautifully and fired up interest in letterpress printing at our university.