Building a proof press

I remember nine years ago reading about how to build your own proof press. Now I finally have the time and gumption. I tried looking back through discussion threads but can’t find anything. Can someone point me in a direction? Thanks!

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Look on utube

I’m sure I remember more than one press man filling a really large ex baby food tin can with concrete, and organising rails
with L section aluminium for it to roll along. More than that I don’t recall. It was about 1960. Just for one colour rough
proofs of course.

Hello Baldwin- Over the years, I’ve buiilt over a dozen presses, and all of them are still in service.

I you do a search on my posts ( Winking Cat Press ) here on Briar Press, or on Wet Canvas Printmaking, or on Google you will find several of them…. starting with a simple free-roller proof press, and going up to a 12” wide etching press. Including my little 6” wide copy of a Showcard Press, and a very small press designed for ACOE post-card sized printing.

I used to post a lot of that sort of stuff here, but since only a very few people seemed to be interested, I stopped posting.

After looking them over, if you need any help just let me know.

aka Winking Cat Press