Help identifying press

Hi everyone,
I found a press at auction at a local university - does anyone recognize it or know anything about it? The only identifying feature is a plaque for Leach Printer’s Supply Company, but nothing else. Thanks for the help!

image: 00C0C_g8M8z4mkZJa_1200x900.jpg


image: 00e0e_9pogIrlOJv3_1200x900.jpg


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It’s about a 3/4 complete vandercook #17 or #25 measure your beds width to determine which one.

Thanks! Supposedly it’s a 24x32 bed size. I wondered if it might be missing a bunch of parts. Maybe it still works as a simple hand inked proof press?

Paul Moxon’s Vanderblog site shows the complete press:

I have other info on the 17 & 25 that I can email to you.
Please tell me the serial number and also for the No. 14 in the background.
17: on the bed, left end, operators side.
14: on the carriage badge and on the bed bearer, right end operator’s side.

To operator See these two videos:

It’s missing the feed board assembly and the ink system

There is no reason you could not use it as a proof press

If the grippers are still intact you might be able to rig up a feed board so you can get consistent registration.

Not a huge deal if the grippers are missing, just use the standard registration tricks one would use on any other press with no grippers.

Thanks everyone for all of the help and thoughts! Definitely good food for thought.

Paul - I’m trying to arrange to see it (it’s an online auction, so I may or may not have the chance), and if I do (or if I I win the auction?!) I’ll check on the serial numbers.

And if you do find the serial number, I have the Vandercook records for the press like date of delivery and first owner. Paul can add it to the Vandercook census.