Acquired type and need to remove several unwanted faces from basement storage! I will sell or trade (need reglets and reglets cabinet, leading cutter, leading, etc…). I have more faces than I am listing will get to the others as I organize. If you have questions about any of the faces just email me and I will get back to you with specifics. Most faces I will sell for $30 per size.

14 Cloister (complete with small amounts of italic included)
48 Ancient Roman (caps and figures)
24 Shadow
10/12/14/18(2) Engravers Text
18/24/30 Lydian (caps only)
18/24/30 Lydian Italic (caps only)
36 Lydian Cursive
10/14/18/24 Typo Roman Shaded no. 1/2
18/30 Wedding Text (large amount of 18 pt.)
30/36/42 Bernhard Booklet Caps
6/10/12 News Gothic
24 News Gothic Extra Condensed
12/18/24/36 Bank Script
12 Copperplate Gothic Heavy
12 Bernhard Booklet Italic
8/12 Copperplate Gothic
6/12 Hobo Light
10/18 Hobo
24 News Gothic Extra Condensed
14 New Yorker
14 Broadway
36 P.T. Barnum Heavy
8/12/18/24 Shaw Text Old English
24 Bernhard Modern Bold Italic
8/10/12/14/18 Bernhard Modern Roman and Booklet (some caps are worn)
6 Copperplate Gothic No.s 1/2/3
18 Liberty (possibly not foundry)
12/14/18/24/36/48/60/72 Cheltenham Bold
14 Stymie
12 Eurostile
18/36 Bernhard Gothic
18 Cheltenham Medium Condensed

I revised the list. There are others that I haven’t gotten to or that aren’t identified yet.

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