more to do in letterpress

A customer asker me if I can make a big brayer
for his proof press.
This is what I came up with using a 4”x10” roller.

image: 1F2BAC63-DE37-4C95-B335-FBB21315835E.jpeg


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Its definitely a good start, especially considering you didn’t use any castings. If you turn it upside down, will it balance that way, with the roller out of contact? I would say that is a necessary feature so the roller doesn’t get flat spots over time.

If you made the handle and attachment pieces in a straight line instead of at an angle to each other, and then put two “feet” on one side of the brayer, one foot near each end of the roller, then the brayer could be used to apply ink when it was turned so the feet were up, and it could rest on the feet (and the handle), with the roller out of contact, when turned so the feet were down.

I did find this one a little hard to turn over to store if you are using a lot. so I made a saddle to put in. hope they like it. things alway improve each run. want to stay all C&C I do need to lighten it up some.
handle is adjust able with the round disk in center has 4 set screws locking it in place to your liking.

image: C0E18B80-6049-488A-9765-D75DB9AE0012.jpeg


The saddle is a good idea. It does the job.