12x18 C&P with Motor & Supplies

Chandler & Price press with variable-speed, single phase 220 motor. Estimated 1929, craftsman serial number, but body is more like a new style build.

The press has 3 brand new rollers (never been used) and 3 older rollers. Additional supplies include 3 chases, set of metal & wooden furniture in original case, quoins and other miscellaneous printing supplies, ink and paper (including partial box of Lettra parent sheets).

Press is in good working condition with no welds or damage. The variable speed Kimball motor is ideal for this machine. It can be slowed to run at a very comfortable pace for a first time printer. The single phase 220 will likely need a special hook-up, but it’s typically available in garages and can easily wire the extra outlet.
The drive train on the press has a crook in it so in theory it could be treadled to run by foot-power if preferred.

There is an attached ink fountain with one broken rod—it would be easy to repair since we still have the piece. However, putting ink on with an ink knife worked just fine for my purposes!

The press is located in Provo, UT. Must pick-up. Est weight 2500 lbs. We’ve always rented a forklift to move on a heavy-duty trailer.

(Seller is currently located out of state, but can coordinate to see the press, etc.)

$800 for everything.

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