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I am working with the local historical society on turning an old newspaper print shop into a museum. We have a 1870’s Chicago Taylor cylinder press that is believed to be the only one left in existence. Does anyone have any information on Chicago Taylor. The press is located in Central City Colorado and was used from about 1870 until 1985. There is also a Gordon job press in the shop along with 2 linotypes. One from 1914 and the second from around the late 1930s.Thanks.

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I have some information for you. I have a book published by the Chicago Taylor company about 1870 that shows the various models, some instructions, and many. many testimonials. I can make scans of some of the pages and send them to you. Can you give me an email address to send them to, perhaps the the historical society?

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Alva B. Taylor had been R. Hoe &Co’s cylinder press manufacturing foreman before going out on his own, I believe first in New York, then later in Chicago. The company also made a fairly popular iron hand press in addition to their cylinder presses.


Alva B. Taylor is mentioned several times in Frank Comparato’s History of R. Hoe and Company, Chronicles of Genius and Folly 1979.

Bob, that catalogue aught to be scanned high-resolution in full, and uploaded to and/or David MacMillan’s . You may well have one of the only surviving copies and sharing it could help other researchers, too.

Michael Hurley
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Mephits: I agree. I will talk with David about doing this.

I have been in touch with ocsjcc and have sent him several scans from the catalog. Meanwhile, here is another image of the press.

image: Chicago Taylor Adv.jpg

Chicago Taylor Adv.jpg

Excellent! I look forward to flipping through it (virtually, anyway!) Thanks, Bob!

Michael Hurley
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