Help ID attachments

I am not familiar with these attachments. I have a Morrison saw with the same gray metal but unsure how they attach and for what reason. Any help would be appreciated.

image: 7FD72435-B6AF-41A8-A68A-E0BC2891823B.jpeg


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Top part is for sharpening saw blade, in conjunction with cone-shaped saw grinding wheel, placed on the opposite end of the mandrel from the saw blade. The Gauge is set at an even 28 picas. The Grinding Attachment is then clamped in the work-holder slide and the blade is brought carefully into contact with the grinding wheel.

I myself am still trying to figure out what the lower part is actually for; I think that it may have to do with the 135-pica Extension Gauge, somehow, but I don’t see it in place anywhere in the instruction sheet that I have (for models 3 and 3A), though it is illustrated in the parts list.

They also had a Box Miterer and an Any-Angle attachment available; I have the Box Miterer, but not the Any-Angle.


Thanks Frank,
Sharpening attachment makes sense. I’ve been all over the saw with this other attachment but haven’t figured it out yet. At least I now know they belong to this saw.

I haven’t thought about these in a long time, but think the lower piece may be for sharpening the trimmer bits.
I have the 3A, but it and its documents are not accessible now.

Finally got my image sized so they would attach. Two pages from a G&G manual I downloaded courtesy of parellel_imp many years ago. No. 1 shows the attachment and no.2 has use instruction at top of right column. I hope the image show enough to answer your question.

image: scan 2smaal.png

scan 2smaal.png

image: Scan-1small.png