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Check under/inside the press that you haven’t knocked a hose off the pump. Does the delivery work?

The problem may well be in the pump itself. Perhaps in moving something was dislodged from the inside of the tubing, and became stuck somewhere in the lines or in the pump. It is a fairly simple thing to run a bit of solvent through the pump to clean it (let it run to dry out before running paper again. That is if your is the simple piston pump. Otherwise, a quick removal of the hose connections at each end and a blast of air through them will tell you if any hose is plugged. A progressive test from the sucker arm through intervening connections will help to pinpoint the issue.

John Henry

Before you do anything else, check the short length of hose connecting the feeder column with the feeder arm and make certain that there are no splits or leaks around the ends. I had a ribbed one, once, which was ribbed and had developed a split between the ribs, twisting open after it had picked up a sheet, dropping it on the way out of the feeder. Also be sure that no hoses have kinks in them; hoses with worn areas can also collapse under vacuum. Oil accumulations in hoses can be a culprit, too. Luck to you in your search.

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Hi all - thank you so much for feedback.