em dashes

I am looking for 12’ em dashes. Any ideas?

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M&H type Handy Font 711 Page 79 here: https://www.arionpress.com/mandh-pricelist-ordering

If you’re in a time crunch, I’ve made 12pt em dashes by cutting 12pts off of a 1pt rule and stacking up spacing above and below it to align it with the text. Works in a pinch!

Just ordered the Handy Font from M&H p. 79. Thanks!

Another question: any ideas on where to find a 10 to 12’ copyright symbol?Thanks, KO

Type suppliers ordinarily stock assortments of frequently-used symbols and marks in assortments of several sizes, or in assortment of one size only. Try M&H.

A few years ago, I cast some copyright symbols, registered symbols, hash tags, ‘at’ signs, paragraph signs, etc. but on 18 pt. These were intended to sell at the Grimsby Waysgoose or other letterpress meetings. I haven’t been to any such meetings since late 2019 for obvious reasons. I can sell a bunch of the above for $25, however the bad news is the postage. It will be at least $25, they make the same or more than I do. I also did fonts of 18 pt. Lombardic Initials, very cute, single letters, also $25.

Dan J - chech USPS “if it fits it ships”. Small box ships for about $9.50.

USPS is excellent and reasonable, however I’m in Canada. Shipping is expensive.

For readers in the UK only , The Composing Room Sores has a vast collection of signs and accents, I understand that for a single character there is no charge.