Windmill guard rail/sign removal

I would like to remove the “original heidelberg” plate and the rail/rod it is on from my windmill (parts T2104 and T2105). I see that it is threaded into a socket at it base, but there is a pin through it. Is this really a pin? Can I just drive it out, and the unthread the rod? I don’t want to hammer on something that can be removed otherwise.
Please do not be alarmed, the press is not functional currently, and I do not wish to run it without the parts.

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Be aware! most of the pins on heidelbergs are “Tapered”. They will pound out, but only from one direction. You will probably end up grinding it flush then using a punch and hammer to pound out. Look and if possible, measure carefully to get it right. The pins are REALLY stuck in there after many years

They put taper pins in dry ice to shrink ‘em; then, when it is driven in snug’ the pin warms up and expands, making it so that it can’t possibly work loose. Usually, the only way to remove one is to very carefully drill lt out with a smaller diameter drill. Not a job for someone other than a machinist. If the bore is butchered, the pin can be replaced by a roll pin.
Is there a need to remove this safety part from this press?