Press Mover Needed VT > ME

I am in desperate need of a rigger/mover to move a Vandercook 325G from VT (Burlington area) to Maine (Portland). Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Since no one else has made a suggestion, I’ll make one.

Get an experienced friend or carpenter to make a large, VERY HEAVY pallet, longer than the press and twice as wide. Put the press on it, bolt it down, and strap or band it to the pallet very well. The straps and bands should be able to restrain much more than the weight of the press. When I was in the Air Force, the restraint of a load which we used was 8 times its weight in forward restraint and 4 times its weight in every other direction. (This may sound extreme, but if the truck the press is on, has to stop or swerve fast, you [and the truck driver] will be happy you did that). Remove or strap down any moving parts (especially the carriage) so they can’t move.

An experienced person would be able to get the press up on the pallet with jacks, wedges, blocks, etc. (Too bad I don’t live nearby or I could do it for you). If the palletized press needs to be moved, you can roll it on pipes as long as the floor is strong and flat.

Contact an auto mover with a flat, tilt bed truck (this should be easy to find in a city like Burlington). The driver can winch the press up on the bed of the truck and chain/strap it down. (Make sure they secure it well. The press is very top-heavy. This is why you need a BIG pallet).

Pick a few days when it is not supposed to rain.

The most important thing: don’t take any chances with safety. Before you do anything, make sure an experienced, qualified person approves of what you are about to do.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Exactly so!

The 325 Vandercooks at 24x24” format are a bit wider than the average 15x20” models like SP-15 or Uni I. Making a pallet twice as wide as the press seems excessive. It is already wide enough to resist any possible tipping. And I say that having done many press moves, and having seen a narrower Vandercook 4 tipped onto a man’s leg and smashing the femur, so I have total respect for the potential dangers every damn step of the move.