No response to classified ad

I have inquired about an item for sale several times and have received no response. The item was just recently relisted. Could the person not be getting my emails? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks.

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Interesting… me too…

I also responded to three ads and received no response from the three different people.

While they may have all sold (some were from March), I would have thought to have heard back a “not available” from at least one.

Maybe the Briar Press stuff can go more easily into people’s junk mail?

Hi Emma & Rebekah,

I can’t offer much insight, but some numbers might help. An average of 1500 unique visitors view Briar Press every day, resulting in roughly 12,000 page views per day. Classifieds is our most popular department; we’ve heard from some sellers that they receive many responses on the first day. It is certainly possible that some sellers choose not to respond once their items have sold, or stop responding after the first 5 or 10 inquiries.

As you both suggest, messages generated by the Briar Press site might get caught in some users’ spam filters. Also, on rare occasions, some sellers may not reply if they’re concerned that the interested party might be a scammer. Responses that might be misinterpreted as suspicious tend to be overly brief, such as “I’m interested, let me know.”

I’ve thought about adding comments to classifieds ads. Users having trouble getting through could post a public comment to the advertiser. The drawback: some users might post a comment but think that they had sent an email. We’ve seen this happen regularly. In addition, advertisers would have to check the web site regularly or risk missing a posted response.

In the case of the recently re-posted item, if you think the seller has an overreaching spam filter or some other email issue, as a last resort you might try posting a message in Discussion on the chance that the seller would see it.

I realize this is a very old thread, but I have answered MANY classified ads and have NEVER gotten a response from anyone.

I’ve listed a few things on here and gotten about half a dozen responses per ad.

I always go through the effort to respond to everyone who emails.

However, I can imagine some people could decide to respond to the first person and not engage further responders unless that first person falls through.

I have had it happened to me a lot. In fact, I have given up on using the classifieds altogether. You might try checking your junk mail folder if you have one. A few people have contacted me for other reasons and most, but not all, show up in my Yahoo junk folder. Eric suggested changing my email preference to my primary email address but that was a disaster so I had to revert to my previous account settings.

I cannot find anyway to respond to someone who replied to my classified except to reply directly, which gives them my true email address. There should be a way to respond to an interested party through the Briar Press website but I cannot find it. Can anyone help with this? Thanks