Have to ask for new password every time I log in

I’m pretty new here but each time I try to log in, I’m told my password is wrong. I request a new temporary password, log back in and reset my password. Once I log out, I’m unable to log in again - I’m told the password is wrong. It’s a simple password and I don’t forget it. I see no other way to contact about this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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Caps lock?

Another one to watch out for (especially if you’re using a computer sold in Canada) is your keyboard layout getting switched. I fought with this for ages at work. My computer would switch from US to French Canadian all on its own, and my password at the time contained an ‘@’ sign. On a French Canadian keyboard a capital 2 is instead a double quote (“).

Nope, no caps lock and no keyboard layout switching. Not sure why this happens. In the meantime, I’ve chosen to leave myself logged in. Anyone know how to contact support for BriarPress?

This is also happening to me! It’s incredibly frustrating.

Just happened to me again. I tried to log in from work and had to click on Forgot Password again. Got another new temporary password and reset the password. Came home and just tried to log in with the new password I’d emailed to myself. No go. Had to do the whole process again. This means I can’t log in from work because it won’t recognize the password. In fact, if I log out right now, I’ll have to do the whole process again. So, I try not to log out. That’s a very bad option. Hopefully someone in charge of the website will step in and fix the problem.

This has been happening to me since 2012. Here is my post from April 12, 2012,
***”Maybe someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong.
Every week when I log in the website they have lost my password and I need to go through the process of re-establishing it. I have gone through this 10’s of times..What am I missing?
Briar press is worth the effort but if I can find out what I’m doing wrong it will sure help. Thanks in advance for any help. JD”***
10-1-2015 update;
I had to reset my password, again, to reply to this post.
I guess there are just not enough of us that this is happening to that anyone cares to find a ‘fix’

Greetings, I’m not sure this site is working right. I’ve tried E-mailing someone with items for sale and they have not responded.I don’t think they are getting my messages as in each case I checked the box to send me a copy of my sent
e-mail and never received it. Also there is no indication of a
sent message in my sent box??????????

is there maybe a “Settings” issue with your puter where needed cookies are not being transferred to save your password?

No, it is not your computer
or your settings
or a computer from another country.
It is something with this website.
I have been a member here since 2012 and I had to reset my password to log in today….again.
But this site is worth it so another day another password reset.