Registration on C & P


I thought I read a post regarding registration on the C & P but can’t find the thread…

Can anyone describe the best way to register for multiple colors (layers) on this press?



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With what are you printing? Hot metal, polymer, copper/mag, boxcar base, honeycomb base? Each has slightly different techniques.


I am printing magnesium plates mounted on type-high wood base (I hope, from Owosso) that are missing registration marks though am hoping to use them anyway.

I have several with two color that are very close registers, and yet the size of each plate is wildly different/inconsistent, making for reforming each one with great precision a good challenge for me…. any tips?

Can you describe the polymer/boxcar base I’ve seen mentioned here, too?



One way to approach it is to take a piece of mylar (or other transparent material) and line up two sides and one corner with the edges ands corner of the chase (or lockup area if no chase). Tape the mylar down and sketch on it the close register portion of one of the plates after printing. You could take an impression of the plate on the material if that is easier.

Unlock the first plate and position the second under the mylar so that it is in register with the first image. Lock it up so it remains in position, and do the final adjustment by moving the guides until the image is registered. Repeat with subsequent images until job is complete.

Heidelberg used to make a plastic squaring guide which fit into holes in the chase for just this purpose.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

thank you, john henry, william from australia and dolce press for the tips on registering multiple colors!

I had a successful day in the shop with all tips suggested, especially the transparency usage!!

again, thanks!