C&P Pilot ink disc not turning

I got a C&P Pilot table top press in last January without realizing it had a problem.

When I pull down the handle, the ink disc is not turning. The little metal pin behind the disc which is supposed to push the zigzag step and advance to the next one and turn the disc, is not pushing the step further enough to push it to the next step.
Here is a url to show the problem in more detail.


Does anybody know what the problem might be?


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It looks like everything is set up properly. Is the tape or packing around the cam (which activates the long lever) something you added to get a longer stroke? If so, the problem might actually be that the lever doesn’t fall back enough to allow the “dog” to get behind the next tooth on the ink disk.

I don’t have my Pilot here to examine, but is the cam held in place by a set screw or a pin. If it is a set screw, you should be able to move the cam into a new position. If held by a pin, it is possible that the pin has fallen out or is broken and the cam is out of position. On impression, the cam turns and allows the lever to advance. The dog just needs to drop behind the tooth to catch and turn the disk during the next cycle.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

to Staza,
Check out all the above comments, and also make sure the inking disk “axle” is well oiled able to move and rotate with great ease. Your picture seems to indicate at the bottom of the axle to be almost rusted in or at least very dry of oil. It may also be that the ‘edge’ of the trip finger is worn and the the white padding is trying to compensate for this wear and possibly fouling the free movement of the trip finger. If it is worn it will be a simple operation to get a mechanic to tap a hole in the end of the worn edge and screw on a little metal tooth/edge to overcome the wearing of the years.
Keep us posted on your endeavours.
William Amer, Australian
Compositor and Machine Minder

Staza one more thing. I just viewed your video, it looks lile the trip finger is “frozen”/rusted in its axle. Add oil and work it loose. Also the cam at the bottom could be worn get it built up by a welder, only if necessary.
William Amer, as above

I did check on my Pilot in my shop (a late model C&P) and found that the cam is attached to the shaft with a hex-head setscrew. It is quite possible that this has slipped and simply needs to be rotated on the shaft until it gives you the lever action required to turn the disk.

I would remoive the tape or packing from the cam and see if you can loosen the setscrew to reposition the cam.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press


I had the same problem as Staza. The ink disc wouldn’t turn with a handle pull on my Pilot. I managed to loosen the hex head screw and readjust the cam and it worked! It took a little bit to get the right position for the cam, but everything seems to be working now.