lettra paper weight

I’m doing some wedding invites and am planning to mount a flat 4x6 (letterpressed on lettra) on a piece of heavy cardstock. The lettra parent sheets come in 32lb and 110lb. I’ve never worked with lettra before, and want to know if because it is being mounted can I use the 32 lb to save on cost?

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The 32 lb is text weight and the 110 lb is cover weight.

I’m new to this and not sure what that means…? sorry, can you explain

Text weight is more for letterhead or text pages. The lettra equivelent of typing paper. Think book pages.
Cover weight is thicker, more like for business cards or greeting cards.
Most people printing on Lettra are running the 110lb cover weight, for a nice thick sheet and plenty of impression. The 32lb text weight would be more for personal letterhead to match the envelopes (also made from text weight), and would not typically be sturdy enough to work as an invite, and also won’t take as deep an impression.
They also make a 2-ply Lettra, in a 220lb weight (think coasters), of you want to go extreme.