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Sorry for so many questions, but I have found everyone so helpful!

For wedding invites, I will need to purchase 2 new type sets for text on invite (I don’t currently have any of appropriate size) I just realized it would prob be cheaper to simply create one plate that has all the different texts in it,….as opposed to setting all the individual type…does this make sense? Is it a better option?
thank you..

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Most people in letterpress today are using photopolymer plates. There are still the purists out there setting type by hand, and I commend them for their commitment, but the photopolymer offers alot of flexibility here. Especially if you are looking to start buying all sorts of sets of type.
Boxcar press can give you a lot of info on photopolymer and will make plates for you. Be warned that it is not really cheap, but will give you alot of design freedom, and save you many hours on press.
It is a matter of choice as far as what kind of printer you want to be, and how you enjoy working.

Hi ktlee,

One thing to keep in mind when making plates is that even though you can put different faces and sizes of type on the same plate, oftentimes you shouldn’t. To achieve a consistent look, larger sizes or faces with broad strokes may need to be inked and packed differently from smaller sizes or faces with thin strokes. Another thing to consider is that if you’re buying new monotype, it will wear down pretty quick if you’re providing the heavy impression that most brides seem to want, so you may be buying more type than you think. Another nice thing about photopolymer (or better yet magnesium or even copper) is that you can present the happy couple with their plate, nicely boxed as a keepsake. That way they’ll understand even better why their invitations are special (and pricey!).