c & p paper cutter - changing the blade

Hi there…

I am wondering if anyone can direct me to information on changing the blade on my Chandler & Price “Buckeye” paper cutter. I have attached a picture for reference.

Thank you in advance!

image: cutter2.jpg


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Having just changed our C+P blade for the first time, I’ll admit that it was far less troublesome than I’d anticipated.

First loosen the leftmost bolt in front while the blade is up, then lower the blade and loosen the rest. The blade should slide right out now (carefully, of course).

Presto-change-o, you’re ready for the new one (or newly sharpened one).

You may need to adjust the two screws behind the blade, which adjust how high or low the blade sits in its track. Do this before re-screwing in all of the bolts.



So did you lower the blade on to some sort of wooden cradle to protect the edge, and make it easier to handle?

Bill Whitley