Sigwalt Ideal No. 5 pix?

Hi, I have come across what I believe is an Ideal No. 5. I want to disassemble this press to learn how it works, but I have never actually seen one of these before, and am a little chicken to take it apart without ever having seen any photos or diagrams of the complete thing…that just sounds like a bucket of leftover mystery bolts waiting to happen. The only images I can find by searching the Web are from the side with the lever. I have seen none from the other side, none from the back, and no closeups at all. If you have any documentation, diagrams or info to share on this model, or if you have one that works well and would be willing to send me or post (for anyone else interested) some pix, you will have my undying appreciation.

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I have one - it’s a 6x9 chase size, and is easily confused with the same size Golding. (Is the base round or square?) I will take and post some photos this evening.

Bill Whitley
Pandemonium Press
Holliston MA, USA

Seems to me, the logicval thing to do is to take several pictures of your press BEFORE and DURING its disassembly. You can then refer to these is reverse order when reassembling the press.

Hi, Bill, it has a square base and a 6x9 chase…thanks very much!

Hi, Foolproof….Thanks for the suggestion. That would indeed be very logical and I will do it…but I still will feel much more secure knowing what a real live *working* one is supposed to look like…and where the various springs and widgets now dangling from various parts should connect (if anywhere)…and whether the various little empty holes should have things screwed into them or are just there for… of elfin punctuation. (?)

Here’s mine. I have lots more pics, I’ll try and remember to post some more..


Hi Clothdog,

Hope these are helpful - let me know if you need any specific details.


image: 3:4 view.jpg

3:4 view.jpg

image: 3:4 back.jpg

3:4 back.jpg

image: pawl.jpg


image: gripper spring.jpg

gripper spring.jpg

image: gripper linkage.jpg

gripper linkage.jpg

image: gripper fingers.jpg

gripper fingers.jpg

image: gripper assembly.jpg

gripper assembly.jpg

image: back.jpg


Wow!!! Thank you, Bill! Mine looks just like yours only without the thingies you’ve labeled gripper fingers. What do those do and where can I find some, I wonder? And it looks like the gripper spring attaches to the hole in gripper linkage—one mystery solved. (Mine was lying helplessly on its side when I got this press, attached to nothing.) Very helpful to be able to put names to some of these widgets, too.

This is wonderful, to be able to find answers from the pros at this site. thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Ooh! What lovely pinstriping! Mine has a little pinstriping left on the sides of the platen, but the rest of the press is covered in a thick layer of ink or paint or both so any designs that were on the main body of the press are long gone…


The gripper fingers are new - mine were missing so I had them fabricated in brass - will upload the PDF file of the drawing later today. They’re intended to hold the paper down as the platen moves away from the bed - but not as useful as you might think…

I sold my Ideal No 5 on Briar Press (sob) but here are some pictures that may help. The slideshow button will show them at larger size.