Leading Organization

We have a rather disorganized collection of leading in our shop that we would like to process to use in a more effective manner. We have the old shelving (?) for leading that we use, but it only fits up to 28 pica length. Anything longer just gets tossed in a big pile.

How do you keep your longer leading (say 30 pica +) organized?

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There were lots of different trays, drawers, shelves etc. made to hold leads and slugs, in many sizes, some with adjustable partitions. I have a sloped work-top over a double type cabinet with built-in slots for 10-40 pica leads and 10-50 pica slugs (pulled out of the back of the work-top and put underneath in front) and also a double-width tray with adjustable partitions for the upper shelf of the work-top. Other sizes I keep organized on galleys.