Cleaning Hi-Speed Quoins

I recently purchased some Hi-Speed Quoins. While they work, I can tell they are gunked up inside. Does anyone have any tips on how to clean them?

Thanks Much!

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Would a bath of mineral spirits hurt Hi-Speed Quoins? I figure they could be doused and then worked with the key to loosen any gunk. Keep them on a rag as the gunk makes its way out from the quoin and then leave them out to dry. I have not done this so it may (for some reason) not be advised. Any other takers?

I don’t see why this solution would not work. These don’t require lubrication. There are sheet springs in the quoins that can go bad though and replacements were once upon a time available. I have a little box of these that I picked up somewhere.

Speed quoins and keys can still be purchased new from Bar-Plate and other die-cutting supply distributors. Last, best, places to buy contemporary letterpress materials and supplies. Support them while they are still around or, they won’t be when you need them.

Too bad Briar won’t allow such suppliers in the Yellow Pages here. Commercial firms are refused listings. Yet, what are Boxcar Press and N A Graphics?


Thanks for the link Gerald, a great resource to have in my supplier folder.



Just to clarify - commercial firms are allowed in the Yellow Pages as long as they sell to the general public and not just to the trade. If we allowed all trade-only businesses to post here, we would be overwhelmed and it would become very difficult for the individual buyer to find appropriate listings.

For financial reasons, in the future we may be compelled to charge a small fee and build a code that would sort listings that sell to individuals or to trade only. For now our purpose is to assist individual users and promote the businesses that sell to them…and to get the Museum and Pin Mark sections back online.

If you want to take a Hi-speed quoin apart for cleaning, it is fairly simple. Just take a 3/32” pin punch (straight, not tapered) and a hammer, and carefully drive out the two pins holding the quoin together. The outer wedge will come out and the inside can be cleaned with wire brush, solvent, Simple Green, whatever.
If you have a broken retaining spring, the pieces will cause a choppy movement when turning the quoin key, or cause it to bind up completely. They can be removed when the quoin is opened.