What is best for printing wedding invitations?

Hello! this is my first post. I design wedding invitations but currently only print them in my computer printer. I want to start using a letterpress printer and have been studying a lot and reading, yet my question is very specific: what printer would be best, in your opinion, to do wedding invitations? The printable area must be approx. 6 x 8. Would prefer for the machine not to occupy that much space and budget, well, I have no idea how much can cost what I need, although I have been reading one can get a good printer b/w $1000 and
$ 4000? Am I correct? Thanks so much!!!

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You don’t want to buy a printer, your are the printer. You want to buy a press.

You must have many questions that need to be asked so first before you purchase a press I would suggest you check this site for further information.


A Platen press is great to print invitations, cards, and envelopes.

Depending on the space you have a good table top press would work great also you can purchase a C&P priced under a $1000.00 and still have money left for a base using photopolymer to print from.



Good advice from cmcgarr.
There is alot to know before you want to buy a press. It can be a heavy and expensive undertaking.
I would follow the research advice above, as well as look into classes or a resource in your area that may give you some firsthand experience with some letterpress stuff.
You may feel confident that you want to offer your clients lettepress, but buying a press is only part of the equation. Learning to use the press effectively, without driving yourself mad, is a career in and of itself. Get some time with the process and materials for a sense of what it is all about.
Refer regularly to the blog here on Briar, and check out past postings for advice to people in your position. Alot of good info out there.
Good luck :)

I have a 5 x 8 press and can not use it for wedding invites. I have a design background too, and thought this press could print 5 x 8, full coverage. No way. I have been making calling cards and cards with very low coverage.

Honestly, I would pay someone to do it for you or invest in a larger press.

Wow Studio….. what type of 5x8 press do you have? I’ve printed many, many invitations on a Kelsey 5 x 8 without a lot of difficulty. I admit that the press does have limitations, but mine seems to do OK.

Does your problem stem from lack of ink coverage or from lack or pressure? or both? There are work-arounds for both problems.

Hi Winking Cat Press,

What size are your invitations? I am thinking of buying a 5 x 8 Craftsman to print invitations as well but I had my doubts. This would be my first press. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

Thanks to all! I’m still learning how to use this! I truly appreciate all the tips…