I have noticed lately, that the impression throw-off does not go back on impression far as it did. It seems to be making a different sound, as well. About 10 years ago, I changed out the air hose that controls the “throw-off”. I wonder if it could be leakiing a little, and this accounts for the different sound as well as the not going on full impression. Also, at times, it has not gone off impression when it missed a sheet. I have made sure that all the oil points have received their due, but the air thing has me puzzled. Any thoughts?

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It sounds like it could be the ball valve on the feed arm assembly. It needs cleaning occasionally. Suction leaks will generally cause the press not to feed and/or not cause impression.

i think there is a rod that all that throw off mechanism slides on, you might want to check to see it is bent. there is the lever that the vaccum raises to go impression. the rod that the lever engages is attached to the bed and moves back and forth in a slot on a bar next to it. check the rod. hard to explain.