Seek information on Golding Official hand lever press

I have had a Golding Official hand lever press sitting in the back cluttered corner of my shop for years. It is time to clean it up and move it on. The platen casting is completely free from the press and I do not know how it connects. Something is missing and I don’t have detailed photos, diagrams or prints. There are arms at the bottom of the platen casting with holes that look like they should receive a horizontal shaft or lugs. Who in this wonderful community of the Black Arts can supply any info?
Interestingly this press has a chase that measures 8 1/8 x 12 3/8 “. I find that rather odd and quite a large size for a hand lever press.

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There is a great website with information on Goldings, and links to other Golding-related sites:


Thank you for the prompt reply to my posted request. Good link
The press is a Golding Official #6. It will print again.