“The Printer” Newsletter MIA?

I haven’t received an issue of the printer in a few months… Anyone know what’s going on over there? I know they had a flood a while back. Perhaps there have been complications. Any one have any info? I miss the newsletter…

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Others seem to have had delivery problems with it, so perhaps their mailing lists aren’t too reliable. Hard to say with them. I got sample copies the last 2 months, but had only asked for one. It’s guess work to predict! :)

Good luck! ==Marjorie

Jenny - We do our best to maintain accuarate records. Did you change your address? Did your subscription expire? Please let us know your full name and address.
Marjorie - We tried to be generous and send you the last two issues. Hope you will want to subscribe.
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The Printer
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Marjorie, so what others are not getting the newsletter? it would help obviously to know - we do make great effort to keep subcription list reliable,