What is ”letterpress” in different languages?

Can anyone help. I buy and sell a lot of letterpress whilst continually adding to my own collection. What words do I put into search on something like eBay to bring up examples of letterpress and printing blocks in GERMAN, SPANISH, DUTCH, ITALIAN and any other languages. My sales have gone up dramatically since listing items for sale as “Wood Letterpress Printing Blocks, IMPRIMERIE,” (which is French for the items) and I long to be able to buy and sell in other languages, Dictionaries are of little help as the phrases ar too idiomatic. d.arcadian

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Here are some few terms translated from Danish to German and English

Bogtryk, Buchdruck, Letterpress
Bogtrykker, Buchdrucker, Printer
Digel, Tigel, Platen press
Korrekturpresse, Andruckpresse, Proof press
Skrift, Schrift, Type
Skriftreol, Satzregal, Cabinet
Skriftsnit, Schriftsnit, Typeface
Skriftstøberi, Schriftgießerei, Type Foundry
Træbogstav, Holzletter, Wood type
Sættekasse, Schriftkäste, Case or Job case
Trykkeri or Bogtrykkeri, Druckerei or Buchdruckerei, Letterpress Shop i.e.
Trykmaskine, Druckpresse, Press
Typografi, Typographie, Typography
Vinkelhage, Vinkelhake, Composition stick

I hope this will help you. Please let me know, if you have any questions.

Best regards
Jens Jørgen Hansen, bogtrykker

Hi there,

If you are selling letterpress in different countries you will also want to post what type height your items are. If you sold a .918 cut, say, to a printer in a country where type-high is a different measure, wouldn’t the buyer be annoyed? Just asking. It’s worth a thought or two.

When my brother-in-law brought me a Continental height cut 20 years ago, I had to wait about 5 years before I found someone who was willing to mill it down to .918. Then I could use the image.

Hope this helps, ==Marjorie

Thank you Marjorie. That really is useful. I cannot thank you and Jen ( see above) enough. I have already found some Bogtryk to buy! Easy now I know the right word!!!!

If anyone can help also with the type-high of different countries I will be very grateful.

The normal type height in Germany and Denmark is 23,56 mm. In Holland they use 24.85 mm.

Regards Jens

Once agin, Jens, that is so useful. I have only just found this site and I cannot believe how friendly and helpful people are!
Thank you!