Rouse Radial Router?

I recently acquired a Rouse radial router form an old poster shop. They were in the business of printing showcards for about 70 years. The owner told me that his father used to mill wood type with this machine. He said there used to be an extension table on the right side with a mechanical guide extending from the router. This was used to trace wood type patterns, etc. The table and guide system are long gone and I’m wondering if anyone knows if Rouse made such a thing as an accessory feature? Better yet, do you know where I could find one?

Thank you!

Craig Malmrose
Trade Union Press

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I just went through a dozen printer’s supply catalogs from 1935-1967, and none showed the Rouse router . The Rouse bandsaw was in most of them, along with routers from Hammond, Nolan, Richards, and C&G/Morrison. None of those makes had a pantograph attachment listed. A pantograph is what you are describing.

Try the Hamilton Woodtype Museum,

As far as I know, they still make wood type using pantographic routers in Wisconsin

They might be able to help