Rubber Shoes for Miller press

I am looking for rubber shoes/delivery feet that will fit a Miller Major or Miller Simplex. Does any one know where to buy them?

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I’d try American Printing Equipment & Supply. They are listed in the yellow pages section on this site.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Rudow is the manufacturer:
For the Simplex I see #9 sucker for paper and #10 for cardboard.
They are distributed by American Printing equipment, NA Graphics, the Printers Parts Stores, etc.
In addition to rubber suckers, Rudow still lists a few other parts for letterpress feeding. On catalog page 2 there are feeder parts for Miehle Vertical and Kluge, as well as clip-on platen gripper fingers. On catalog page 5 there are job press grippers for 8x122, 10x15 and 12x18 platens.

Here is a picture of the rubber feed suckers for a miller major and simplex. I don’t see these in the catalogs. Does anyone know of a supplier or knows someone that can make these?

Oh shoes, I can’t attach the picture.

I finally found shoes for my press and would like to pass the information on. Man Roland Inc. sells these and other hard to find goodies. There is a web site, that that is hard to navigate, so I recommend that you call Al Garcia in the parts department 630-920-2000. The part # is 023-502 for paper and 024-198 for cardboard. They are called “foot front carrier”. Another interesting person I found on my search is James Moss 770-941-1540. He doesn’t have a web site but is a very nice man with lots of knowledge.