inky tympan

I’m printing a medium-sized project and my tympan had been holding up pretty well, but my test impressions are now showing the sorts I have on my forme on the reverse side of the sheet. I tried wiping the ink off, but the cleansing seems to have backfired, and I now have kind of a light blot on it that is rubbing off on the back of my practice sheets. Should I wait for it to dry? Will it be necessary to totally replace the tympan and re-gauge everything? Or is there some other solution?
Thanks so much for any guidance anyone can give!

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I use baby powder after a print on the tympan. I clean the ink off with type wash & sprinkle a bit on the tympan and rub it in. It dries up the oil and generally leaves the back of the sheet clean.

In the trade many years ago, the standard remedy was to use French Chalk.

we usually just wipe the ink away with a dry cloth instead of using any kind of solution. you might still see some offset on a few prints, so we usually run a small stack of makeready back through the press after the dry wipe.

Thank you all for your most helpful help! You’ve truly saved the day!

cornstarch also works quite well

If I understand right you have printed on one side of the sheet.

Now you’re printing on the other side and when you print the ink from the first printing side is offsetting the ink on the tympan?

Is that correct?