Large Numbering Machines

Hello Everyone!

I’m looking for numbering machines with type size around 1/2” height. I have a Kluge that can accomodate deep numbering machines. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Not to say that such a device doesn’t exist, but in 30+ years of seeking and acquiring type and letterpress odds and ends, I can honestly say that I don’t recall ever seeing any numbering machines capable of imprinting numerals with a height of 1/2”.

It will be interesting to hear if such a thing existed and exactly who manufactured them.

There used to be a printer a couple blocks from me who had oversize numbering machines, which he used on a C&P with a recess milled into the bed to accomodate them. He passed away ten years ago and one day everything just disappeared.
I have an Atlantic/Force brochure which lists large character machines up to 2”!

WOW!!!!! I can’t even fathom the depth necessary for a wheel to accommodate the 2” characters. Thanks for confirming that those monsters do exist.

The largest ‘numbering machine” that I have is a 19th century Bates hand-held model. I literally bought it in a junk shop, just for the original wodden box that it came in. So old, in fact, that the instructions on the box call for lubricating it with Sperm Whale Oil and include a warning to not let the stock boys use it as a hammer!!!! It still works wonderfully!!!!


thanks! i have to check in with atlantic/force. we have the kluge with the recessed back.


by any chance, could you share where you got the atlantic/force brochure. i couldn’t find anything decent on the internet.


Well, I got the brochure back in the 70s by mailing in a reader service card from Graphic Arts Monthly. Whether A/F is still making those oversize machines (or even if they’re still around) I couldn’t say.
Ultimate Numbering Machime Service might be a place to make inquiries. Oversize machines aren’t on their price list, but they might know about them.

Hello, yep, if you still have a interest I have the machines for you. Carl.

Take a look at this ebay listing:

(item 380095205440 if the link breaks)

They don’t come cheap.