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Congrats!!! I want a kluge in a bad way just ‘cause I like to watch them run ;)

Wow. A Kluge and a Kelsey. Definitely got both ends of the spectrum covered there. If you are indeed new to letterpress then learn on the Kelsey and take some classes before you even touch the Kluge. The Kluge is a real production press and is not really meant to be fed by hand. Sure it can be done, but for someone just starting out it’s a disaster waiting to happen. You may want to track down someone who can give you some one-on-one instruction with the Kluge.

Thanks for the info.


I agree with both of the above comments. The Kluge is a great machine that will print well and last you a lifetime. I am envious!

It is not, however, a beginner’s machine. They are very stout, and can press with a tremendous amount of force…. thus they can be very unforgiving if you get your fingers into the wrong place. The recommendation that you learn basic letterpress on the Kelsey is a sound one. Then after you know all about setting type, locking up chases, setting gauge pins, and so forth, you can begin studying the Kluge.

Do not ever even consider sticking your hands in the feeding area of the Kluge with it running ever. It’s not designed for that at all and the results would most likely be disastrous. paper, type and even press parts are far cheaper to fix than hands and fingers.

I want to thank all of you for you comments. We will definately learn on the Kelsey then move on to the Kluge. We want to keep all of our fingers! My wife and I are very excited about learning the art of letterpress.

Thank you.

please make SURE you have installed the rollers on kluge correctly! do not short cut on anything there that might look redundent. these things have a bit of a nasty habit of flyingout. generally at higher speeds, more production types. but,,,, have fun,,,,BE careful! kluge will not sell you parts for this press,,,for a reason…. they want them gone…if you oil it ,and don’t smash it, it will be there for your grand kids.