help installing new grippers - kelsey

I just got my replacement gripper arms and spring for my Kelsey 5x8 (yea!).

But now I am befuddled as to how to install them. When I crank the press, the arms don’t move like I would expect them to. I assume the spring helps with this, but…how does the spring work?

I assume the tiny hole in the front is where the spring goes, but where is the end supposed to end up? Maybe I’m missing something but it doesn’t really seem to connect to anything, like another hole.

Also, at which end is the bend in the spring supposed to go?

Here is a photo looking down on the top of the gripper bar. That dark spot is a divot that exposes the gripper bar - is there a hole in there somewhere?

The bar does not rotate - it sort of did when I really tried, but as you can see, it’s pretty gunked up. Is the bar supposed to rotate freely?

I’d love some advice on this subject! Thanks!


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The gripper spring is just a piece of piano wire that runs from the little hole in the back of the press through the gripper bar. It does not look like a coil spring or anything. It’s just a straight piece of wire with a bend at one end. I always use a piece of piano wire from the hobby shop and then bend it on the end after slipping it into place.

Attached is a diagram from the Kelsey manual that shows the spring.

image: 2-2.gif


Yeah, I know that. But how does the wire fit in there and manage to move the grippers? I don’t see anywhere for it to “set into place” and move the gripper arms when the press is cranked.


The wire goes through a hole in the bar… and that’s it. it actually does not move the bar, it sort of holds it in the right orientation as the platen closes toward it.