Challenge paper cutter

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to move a Challenge Advance paper cutter similar to this one and I am wondering if anyone knows the approximate weight. I’m debating renting a truck with a lift gate or if folks think people power can lift it up to a low truck bed.


image: challenge.jpg


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It’d be a lot easier to get onto a low trailer than a truck. They’re cheaper to rent, too. Anything that would hold a tractor would probably hold this without a problem. Use a come-along to pull it up the ramp. Secure with tie down straps and reverse the process on the other end.

Thanks for the tips Arie!

What size is the cutter? I have the Challenge 265 Hand-lever cutter, which is listed at 970 pounds. It looks just like the cutter pictured (except that my cutter has five knife bolts). If yours is a 23 inch cutter, the weight will be slightly less. For comparison, the Challenge 305 hand-lever is listed at 1120 pounds.

Hey, that’s my paper cutter!
I bought that off of the philly craigslist!
too funny…
I can tell you how I moved it!
With a pallet jack (as you can see it was on a pallet) and a truck with a lift gate. It was on a dock that was the typical height that a lift gate was.
If your paper cutter is not on a palette and is not on a dock, then you’ve got other options. It’s pretty darn heavy. I’m gonna say over 500 lbs. That’s a 26.5” cutter, don’t know how big yours is. The bed of that cutter does come off pretty easily, I’ve gotta say. The way that those machines were made is a true testament to how simple everything could be as long as it’s made extremely well. We did the pallet jack thing with the truck, but in the end, where it was going we needed to take it apart to get it into a tiny freight elevator. It went back easily too! If you take it apart it is def. do-able with man power. I would say that you need 3 strong people to make sure that all goes well- especially if it’s not on a palette and you don’t have a jack. If you do and it is on a palette then you can most certainly do it with two. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any specific questions that I’m not covering here.
That cutter is AMAZING! I’m so glad I bought it :)

About 15 years ago my father bought one just like that. My brother and I moved it into his basement. We took it apart and put it back together. This past summer I had a friend help me take it apart and move it into the garage with the rest of the shop. It is do-able, although it does require some sweat and tussle.Good luck and enjoy!

Thanks all, I’m probably going to use a J-bar to put it up on some dollies and ramp it up to a trailer, but if that doesn’t work, i have a pallet jack as a secondary option. It is actually an older, cast-iron model but the only pic I have is on my phone and so thanks for your pic and clues Erika!

I’m headed to pick it up tomorrow, so wish me luck!