Favorite paper

There has been alot of discussion about certain paper types and what not, but I was wondering… what is everybody’s favorite paper to print on? I haven’t experimented with too many different papers simply because my operation is small and so is my budget…

so my most favorite paper is Crane Lettra… but that is only out of a few different papers I have tried. I also prefer the heavier stuff.

So… what is YOUR favorite paper?

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nobody has one?


I didn’t respond initially because I use quite a few papers based on what the design of the piece requires and how many dollars I have to spend. I’d have to say that my all-round current favorite is Rives wove finish either light or heavy weight depending on the design requirements.

The best papers I have used are no longer available. I probably use lighter weight paper than many today as I am printing smaller books which would not be able to take a very heavy weight stock. I have fond memories of Curtis Rag, a stock which printed well and had a wonderful “toothy” feel. I also used Warren’s Oldstyle, a wonderful sheet for letterpress use. Now I’m starting to cry and grow nostalgic. Paper was once fairly inexpensive and a pleasure to use.

I like to play with paper, and will buy a letter-size ream to mess around with before making a choice for a whole book.

Once you find something which works for you and prints well, you hesitate to change, but trying new papers can be fun.

How much of a favorite is handmade Japanese Kozo paper?
We are curious which weight may be a favorite among the letterpress community. We have a limited number of free samples for those up to trying out something new.

i am definitely interested! i sent you an e-mail witht my address.

We will send you something.