Spacing material case & cabinet

When we first got started in letterpress (2002) we found it frustrating working with the spacing kept in type cases. We were then working with college students and it was hard to get them to correctly sort the 3/em, 4/em, and 5/em. Most of the cases had much of it mixed up when the cases had spacing.

Now that we have our own studio and equipment we decided it was easier to just keep all of the spacing material for a point size together. So, we looked around for a plastic case that would hold enough spacing and also was easy to use.

We found the one we like best at Home Depot. We then built a cabinet to hold a set. The case is 14” x 9” x 2”.

If you would like to see an explanation on our blog you can check it out here.

Let us know if you think there is anything that might improve it. We are going to build a second one so we can spread the spacing out more. Once one gets really full it is pretty heavy.

There is also a new entry about a certificate we just printed for the Art Directors Club of New York which we thought was an interesting task.

image: spacing-cabinet-1.jpg


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